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Frequently asked questions:

Q:What do you require to reserve my date?

We require a refundable deposit of $200.00 received at least 1 month prior to the date of the event AND a completed & signed Performance Contract.

Q:Are your rates flexible?

Our rates represent the fairest compensation for rehearsal, preparation, travel, and high-quality performance for your event. We have many options for ensemble configurations that can suit your budget needs. Please contact us if you have any questions.

Q:My venue requires vendor liability insurance. Do you carry that?

Based on necessity, we purchase specific liability insurance for the day of your event. Please let us know if you need verification sent to your venue before the date of your event.

Q:How far in advance can I book?

We accept bookings up to 12 months in advance.

Q:Do you have references from past clients?

Yes. We do offer reviews and thank you letters right here on our website. At your request, we can send you the phone and/or email information for former satisfied clients who have agreed to act as references.

Q:Can I choose all the music to be played?

Yes. You are free to select everything piece of music from our Repertoire List. Most clients indicate specific music or types of music you would like to hear, and have us compose a program of similar music.

Q:How many songs fill up 1 hour?

12-15 songs. The most effective program hits every genre available (classical, jazz, broadway, rock, and pop), gradually growing in excitement to prepare the guests for the dinner or reception. Fun and familiar tunes are great here to help guests relax and enjoy themselves.

Q:What about for weddings?

30-minutes of pre-ceremony prelude lasts 6-7 music selections. The mood is romantic, refined, and regal so classical selections & ballads work best. We’ll stay away from hard rock or pop.

Ceremony music may include anywhere from 2-5 songs. The best songs are repetitive and have many points where we can start and loop to accommodate the length of the processions (classical, soft rock, or slower pop). The wedding party procession should be simple and steady with a great pace for walking. For the couple, you want something special; typically, it’s a piece with a different tempo and/or “feel.” Unity ceremony music should be loving and reverent (religious or love ballad). And recessional music should be uplifting and joyful.

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